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Big John Talks! Groovy Grub with Hippie Chicks Food Truck

If you have a dream business, would you actually go for it? Are you brave enough to put your products out there?

Elizabeth Hitchcock took a chance in the Midlands community, and with a fellow businesswoman, co-founded the latest, hippest food truck business in Columbia, South Carolina called Hippie Chicks — notably known as that 1973 Airstream rolling around town with tie-dye banners where you can grab some quick bites, salads, desserts and more.

Join us on this episode where Big John chats with her over some Hippie Chicks bestsellers to talk about how they started and how the Midland community welcomed their unique creations. So tune in to this episode as Big John talks!

In this episode, they discuss:

1. How did the chicks began their business from scratch

2. Why support local businesses

3. What to order for your next Friday dinner

What to listen for:

[1:59] From being a stay-at-home mom to business owner, find out how Elizabeth scored an opportunity of a lifetime following a team-up with someone from the karate studio she used to work at, scraping up some capital, and finding a second-hand 1973 Airstream on Facebook Marketplace.

[4:20] Big John digs into their bestselling burgers and sandwiches. Find out how they gave these their own twist. (Warning: just listening to the ingredients will make your mouth water.)

[6:13] “Pimento cheese is the Southern caviar,” warns Big John. Does their homemade Pimento cheese pass his standards?

[8:50] When you buy from Hippie Chicks, you’re supporting the dream of two women entrepreneurs, and local businesses in the Midlands.

[9:32] From South Carolina to Mississippi to South Carolina again, what kept Elizabeth coming back to the Midlands?

It all begins with a dream. And like Elizabeth, you can also make this a reality in Columbia, South Carolina. While opening a local business (and being a woman in the industry) has its own sets of challenges, ultimately, your product will be the one to speak for you, so craft unique creations to make you stand out. The community will surely welcome these new treats, and will benefit from the vibrance and liveliness that new enterprises add to the Midlands.

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About the Guest

Elizabeth Hitchcock is the co-founder of Hippie Chicks, a food truck business that cooks up fresh burgers, grilled sandwiches, and other fried eats that are perfect as boxed lunches, for catering at special events, or just plain cravings when you want a nearby food fix. Refer to their Facebook page every week to see where they’re headed next.

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Video Transcript


What's going on millons. It's john Hinks with big john talks. Here I am. I'm so excited about this episode of big john talks, because I get to talk about food today. And I get to talk about my really, really close friend Elizabeth Hitchcock, who is one of the CO owners of hippie chicks. I know you have heard this name around town. And I my purpose today is to make sure everybody knows about hippie chicks and Elizabeth Hitchcock. Elizabeth, thanks so much for being here today. Thanks for having us. Yeah. Well, I tell you what, Elizabeth, before I get into this food, because I'm definitely gonna dive in here. Tell me about what who, what, where did you come from? Are you from the Midlands Are you from South Carolina?


I am. I was born and raised right outside shapen graduate from high school, which I've been told my whole life. I moved away for about 10 years, moved to Mississippi, and got married, had three kids and my kids are now back here with me. We moved back about three years ago.


Okay, so I'm excited to be back. So you move back to South Carolina. Did you turn into a hippie in Mississippi or were you a hippie before you went to bed my whole life in a mississippi state of mind? Yeah. So yeah, I've been my life. I was a pretend hippie all those years ago, but that's about it. For 1050 an hour. Well, I'm telling you, I mean, tell me how hippie chicks came about. I mean, you don't? I mean, did you have a food background before you started doing this?


Funny story? I did work in food when I was teenager like most teenagers do. And by the time I was 18, I said I would never work with anyone's food again. Okay, here I am. Less than 15 years later, and I own a food truck.

Okay, so you own a food truck, which everybody glorifies. Oh, I wish I could do a food truck. Wow. I mean, I have glorified it myself before. That's another story. And tell me what, first of all, why a food truck? How did this happen? I love entrepreneurial stories. I love stories. So I want to know how you starting to hippie chicks for Trump. I was a stay at home mom for 10 years. And when we moved back to South Carolina, I was told that I needed to find a job because our expenses were higher cost of living Mississippi's lower so I needed to help make up the difference. So I started working at an after school daycare at a karate studio. Okay. And sitting around after karate one night, the owner of the studio who is my business partner Nick Nicole knits, okay. She was like hey, we should start a food truck. No, because we had one other partner in the beginning and she had always wanted to do either like a hotdog cart or food truck or something but didn't have the startup funds. So the three of us going in together were able to scrape together the money five and we found this one all marketplace it had already been converted from another local business Facebook mortgage marketplace and all the pieces fell together.


And did you have to renovate this beautiful I mean


did was already converted to a food truck when we bought it. But we did have to take all the equipment out clean it really well and make some repairs.


So you you basically rehabilitated and describe it for those of you that can't see it on video. It's an Airstream.


Yes, it is a 1973 Airstream is 29 feet long super hippy. Yeah. That wasn't the original plan. Right? We had our names in the beginning. And then we just happened to find this Airstream. So it came together it worked out perfect.


So everything happened for reasons this beautiful silver bullet looking thing you'll know you see it when it goes down the road is hit the chicks coming down. And that the favorite part or the My favorite part of the food truck is this menu is insane. This massive and and not just how great the food looks right now I've had I cannot wait to dive more into it and try all the things but the creativeness of the names, the different types of I want to get into that. And I always find like, tell me about this menu. What What inspired you


we all wanted something different. When you're working with multiple partners. There's a lot of compromise. And there's a lot of different ideas that come into play. And we all loved all of our ideas. So we just could not narrow it down. Yeah, we ended up with everything.


And but everything that looks amazing. Yes. And I know we're gonna try it so what's your favorite thing My favorite


is actually right here in front of us, morally, this actually morally be jammin? It's ham turkey bacon and bacon jam. with honey mustard and all the toppings. I don't have


a second. I cannot wait. I'm gonna I am just gonna try the Marley first to be honest with you. You know that bacon jam? Yes. carmelize bacon and brown sugar is awesome. Oh man. That is freakin crazy. That is so good. That is so good. So here we are. We're in a small neighborhood. Nationally, not too small but night harbors at grey harbor and Jason. I'm in shape him. And so, hippie chicks, you show up the neighborhoods, and I'm looking to my right, and I'm seeing just the neighbors coming up and just ordering food. I mean, this is their Friday night Hangout. Right? It is. So on Friday night. They're grabbing the family. Honey, what are we doing for dinner? We don't have to do anything. Right? Because hippie chicks is down at the lake house don't even have to leave the neighborhood. Don't leave the neighborhood and you get the Marley. What is this burger? What's the man minute?


It's our homemade cheese. Okay, our secret recipe. Alright. And then with our hand cut fries.


Alright, so this is the domino cheese. That's basically the southern caviar. Yes. And people take their pimento cheese serious. And that means I take them up to a minute. She's had many people come back saying it's the best I've ever had. So I'll be the judge. Okay, I'm down. Because before this burger, I know in my head was the best one. That cheeseburger is in Colombia. Okay. All right.

So how we stand out?

Oh, I'll let you know right now. Be honest with you. And I won't name any names. Because I don't need anybody's feelings because looking at this as messy and I love it. Oh, no, no, there. Oh my god. All right. On

that is

Unknown Speaker



Thank you. Amazing.

And I'm sitting and I'm trying to think of the secret ingredient. Nothing crazy. Nothing crazy. But it's still a secret. Yeah. All right proportions of everything.

I got you. Um, I'm gonna go on record and say this best minute cheeseburger. Awesome. And if anybody's seen me before, I like burgers. So the tough choice which burger to make you? Yeah, that's our most popular.

So I mean, how do people get to experience hippie chicks though? Because, you know, I don't know where you are. How do I find you so that if I'm gonna bring my family co see how what's the best way to find Elizabeth Hitchcock?


Best way it's on our Facebook page. Okay, our Facebook page is called hippie chicks. It's at SC hippie chicks on Facebook.


And I want to make sure hippie is hrpp I he shakes with a K ch IC k s swirl. Okay, there's two of us. There's two of you two chicks. And we post our schedule every week on Facebook. Okay. Every week on Facebook, he posts a schedule. It's better than going to a restaurant because they pick cool places to go the environments really cool. The food is super amazing. You're supporting two chicks that had a dream, put it together. And that is the dream, in my opinion. And I'll tell you what, I'm so thrilled. So I always kind of like to know, learn more about, you know, your local, you're from shaping you grew up and shaping and you created this amazing business. You create jobs. You're constantly looking for people to help. And there's opportunity, right? And there's opportunity to learn how to do the things that she does. And she can and she can provide some jobs for some folks because I know they're constantly looking because their food's amazing, folks. I mean, you just got to go get it. But as far as you from the Midlands I always like to kind of find a little bit more about like what what made you stay here you have so much talent. You can do this anywhere. Sure. You can do this any Why did you choose pa Why did you stay? Well, I left


and came back. But we live in the country. What's still left of the country where we are. We're in Valentine near Dutch fork High School. So we're on family land. We still have a family farm. All my family's here. I just like the slower pace of life around here.


What's your favorite part about the Midlands, though? What's your go to? No, we're like two hours from the beach. Two hours in the mountain. That's a great reason. I'm in the middle of everything. It's amazing. Charleston. Oh my gosh, I love Charleston. We got good music. Yeah, we can touch good music every time. Columbia's music scene has always been nationally amazing. I was actually having a conversation the other day. I used to go to Rockefellers in 1997. And you would start with jumble children, a little Edwin McCain, Hootie and the blowfish. But we always had panic coming visit we always had great music scene. I love the Midlands. But I Elizabeth that I cannot thank you enough for preparing this food for me. I'm gonna go order my to go from a family. I knew I was going to end with the courage with the curd. So I've been to Wisconsin. I've had the curds. I haven't. I want to taste this curve. But that curve looks different than the curves I've had in Wisconsin. What makes this curve different?


I can't say anything about Wisconsin. I've never been there and never tried them. Okay, but these are garlic cheese hurts. I always tell customers they are garlic breaded bites of heaven. They are amazing.


Alright, so this is a garlic cheese curds. But I'm dipping it in this ranch. Yes. And this is supposed to be the it's my favorite side on the menu. Oh, all right. Do you sell beer and all that stuff yet? You don't. Okay. We do have adult popsicles. That's even better. Yes. We mix them ourselves. No kidding. They're made with your traditional liqueurs. popsicles. Oh, my gosh. Yes, Elizabeth. You are amazing. hippie chicks is amazing. The sweet potato fries. I stole one before we started the interview. That was amazing. The French fries. Amazing. The food is incredible. Guys, on big time talks. We're gonna post the entire menu. I know for a fact Elizabeth also does catering. Correct


me catering box lunches, right? special events, private parties, a little bit of everything.


So you're talking about fine where she is. If she's not booked for that day, reach out to her. Maybe you do something for your neighborhood. Maybe you do something for your office, maybe you do something for just your friends. You know, she she and the food's freakin amazing. I just, I'm so happy I did this. And I'm going to do it again. And I love your journey. I love watching what you're doing. And I'm super happy to know you. I'm super proud to grow your friends. So congratulations on your success. And so ladies and gentlemen, Elizabeth Hitchcock, hippie chicks, find the truck and buy some food is freakin amazing. Thank you. Thank you. All right, big john talks. See you guys later.

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