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Welcome to my first episode! I'm Big John and I love the mortgage business and the midlands. Listen to hear more about my journey to freedom and the creation of Lending Path. Come back next time to learn more about the top mortgage myths!

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Welcome to big john talks Your guide to everything business in Columbia, South Carolina. Hi, this is john Hanks with lending path mortgage. And welcome to the first episode of big john talks. My name is john Hanks I am big john and i am doing this podcast for several different reasons I would love to be able to inform the public on real estate investment, mortgages, construction, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy, you name it. But I'd also like to inspire, maybe help those that feel like they may be at a point in their lives that they feel capped, or they feel they are at the threshold of their careers or their real estate investments. And they and they want to learn more about how to take the next step. That's the purpose of this podcast is to be a sounding board, but also a beacon of hope and information for those that are learning how to achieve some financial and freedom dreams that they may have. And that's the purpose of big john talks. The reason why I am probably an authoritative voice in this is I'm on the journey myself, an ever changing, evolving business person that has learned lots of the things not to do and has learned less of the things to do. And I want to share those but not only myself, but a lot of the guest speakers that I'll be having in the future friends and colleagues and in the mortgage industry in the real estate industry, that have so much to share to help others in this world that we're living in to help grow us financially. And I want to be able to use those tools and use this knowledge to help you help you the Colombians, the lex antonians, the Kershaw county residents, the Sumpter residents, I want to be able to help all of you to achieve those goals and those dreams. The purpose of the first episode is to just give you a little bit of a background of john Hinks. I started in the mortgage business in 2005, with my father who started his business in 1983. At the time, it was called the Hanks company. And what I'm most admired about my father, during all those years of the mortgage industry was his commitment and loyalty to the custom builder. And to the residence of Columbia. He created a lot of programs for the consumer back in the 80s and 90s. That was able to create some relief from the high interest rate world, he created some Adjustable Rate type mortgages. At that time that were just saving people 1000s of dollars a year in payments, and he was an outside thinker. He also created relationships with a lot of different money sources to be able to provide money for the small builder to be able to build their dream homes and take their business to the next level as well. That was what you always bragged about he was on his way out the door, he would always just say I'm off to go find some more money and that was his job was to go find money to help people achieve their dreams. And I got to witness that my brother and I would often work in the office and help them with some of the clerical stuff. I got to witness to different types of soil in the office. If it was white sand coming through the door. We knew that Cecil Brazell from Kershaw County was there. If it was red clay, I kind of figured it was probably Tim broom with Lexington builders coming through the door. So I'm just giants in our building industry that we got to be a part of their growth along the way. And it inspired me to see my dad create that in 2003. And four, I moved to New Zealand and seek the career of becoming a semi professional rugby player and I made so much money I was able to buy a six pack of beer every week. So that was pretty cool. But I had reached my course was that world and was ready to come home with my now wife, the fiance at the time. Britt and I started my career in the mortgage industry after a year of being a teacher. And after a year of being a teacher, I just want to go ahead and say, Man, you teachers are amazing people. Oh my gosh, what a year that was so who would ever thought I can't wait to get into the mortgage business. So I did. I got into the mortgage business in 2000 then I believe it was five at the time. Kind of just started cold turkey with my dad. You know he was one of those. I figured it out. You figure it out kind of guy. He was would guide me along the way here in there and make sure I didn't stray too far off the course. But I was in the middle of a housing market that was just booming at the time booming at the time. And I think it was booming at the time, because I think all you needed really was a pulse, to be able to get a mortgage. I wanted to be a part of that. Unfortunately, for me, I felt like it was unfortunately, our company did not offer as many of those products, we delved a little bit into the world of doing a lot of FHA and VA loans during that time. And if you said those acronyms back in 2006, a lot of people would run for the hills, and didn't want anything to do with those type of deals. But needless to say, I would ask my dad, you know, Dad, I've got to get into this type of business to be able to make a better living, and be able to close more deals. And he says, what you don't close now is what you won't close on the futures just kind of how you run your business now fix it, and then later on, and I can tell you right now looking at some of the stuff coming across our desk is what people are offering. Those are hard sell loans, John's there's just gonna be things that do more damage in the long run. And you have to imagine what you're doing to your client, you have to imagine what those clients are going through on a daily basis, when you give them a payment that just down the road is just gonna come up and bite him in the butt. You don't want to be a part of that. And it was a little frustrating at times, because I was young and new and I wanted to close more loans. Needless to say, 2008 came around and the rest is history. I made it through 2008 2009 with my dad and we had loan officers come and work for some had to leave some had to get out of the business altogether. I knew in 2009 and 2010, there had to be a better way for me to take my business to the next level. I was inspired by a friend of mine who was a mortgage broker at the time and he and I went to dinner and talked about the future about what our hopes and dreams were what we wanted to do. And maybe after two or three too many beers we created a lending path. His name is Heath Goodrich. He is my partner and friend. And we created a company called lending path in 2012 have worked together for about two years right in loans, and really enjoyed learning from each other and from others. But we were kind of stuck in our own little realm of the Midlands market. And we knew that there were people in other parts of the country that were doing so well and just had really revolutionized their business and we wanted to learn more about what they were doing. And there was a coaching platform that we wanted to learn more about. And they held a seminar down in Tampa, Florida. So in May of 2014 we flew down to Tampa, Florida and we went to go visit something called the mortgage marketing animals. A fella by name of Carl white, his team with Irene do furred and Tammy Schneider and Scott Hudspeth and those folks at the time gave a three day seminar after 30 minutes I was hooked, what they were talking about, revolutionized my whole idea of not just the mortgage business, but just business itself. I learned so much in those three days. And I was so inspired that we signed up for the coaching. We bought into it big time, and I'm so glad that we did, it changed our business, which then changed our lives. always talk about the three different types of freedom that always type wanted to achieve at that time. And I'll talk more about this later on. But it's a balance between money freedom, stress, freedom and time freedom. I'll how three of them are just so important. But you can't just have one and not have the other. That's not true balance. So Carl white and his team taught us that balance. And we've been growing our business since in 2016. They introduced us to a company called success mortgage partners. And they were able to help us with some of the challenging things that we worked on on a day to day basis and took off our plates so that Heath and I could do what we did well, which was putting people in homes and helping loan officers that work for us grow our business. So in 2012, there were four of us, five of us, a father Heath, myself, two employees, a couple of loan officers will work with us along the way. We are now a company I believe of 37 or 38 employees with 11 wonderful loan officers that work with us in 2016 when we joined success mortgage partners. We also had Erica West join us circle West is a dear friend and she also taught us so much about the business on her side and has been an amazing addition and since then, we had so many more loan officers join up with us and that's where we are. So I've been able to I guess take pride in the fact that I've helped grow their business and I've helped grow the mortgage industry even here in the Midlands. I wanted to share that in a podcast but I want to To kind of just keep this thing going you can only talk about mortgages for so long I want to do some q&a is with different business owners, different people that are involved in the community, how they're involved with the community, I would love to talk and interview with even my loan officers that would be considered quote unquote, competition, but their friends, their friends in the business, I want to interview a lot of real estate agents, these folks have day to day marketing in just genius ways of getting people in front of them so that they can sell them a home. How have they grown their business? Have they scaled their business? I have real estate friends that have other businesses, how do they handle both? What does it mean to finance your properties? That's the purpose of big john talks big john talks are just taking my personal experiences and experiences from my friends and helping you better equip your financial future and inspire you to do some of the crazy things that some of my friends have done. Thank you so much for tuning in and listening to the first episode of big john talks. Tune in for Episode Two. We're going to talk about the six myths of the mortgage industry, things that people seem to believe but are not true. I want to go over a little bit of that and then I'll be looking for my first guest Next week, we'll begin the q&a on how to grow your business. So again, my name is john Hicks, Jr. Looking forward to talking to you next time. Thanks for listening to big john talks. Check out more episodes at

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