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My father started his mortgage company in 1983. I remember visiting his office as a kid and watching him match the right loan option with each individual home buyer. His commitment to customer service has been a driving force for me from those early days.

In 2010, I met Heath Goodrich and we started Lending Path Mortgage and the family legacy continues. We have branches in four states and agents licensed to serve home buyers in 17 states. I’m very proud of each and every person in our organization.​​

I have been blessed to be able to participate in community development, investment opportunities, building design, and much more! I am excited to use my many experiences to best serve you!

When I’m not saving the world one mortgage at a time, I am spending time with my three beautiful children. They are my reason for trying to make this world a better place.


I'm also passionate about serving on the board of directors at Camp Cole: a fully accessible camp and retreat facility for children, teens, and adults with serious illnesses and other physical, mental, and emotional health or life challenges.

I think a work life balance is the key to a happy life, so my career feeds my family and giving back to our community feeds my soul.


and I love the mortgage business!

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